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EnergyAi - Actionable Information for Energy Savings
EnergyAi is based in Berkeley, CA
was founded in 2009 by Dave Krinkel, and is based in Berkeley, California.
The inspiration for came from Dave's 30 years of experience developing energy analysis tools for utilities and large energy users. Now that smart meters provide detailed energy use data to even the smallest of businesses, we recognized the need for an automated service which reveals potential savings in energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. And presents the results in clear, non-technical language.
Two factors driving are "low cost" and "easy". We believe offers value to anybody who has interval energy data, not just those with large energy bills. A lot of effort has gone into automating to keep the cost low, and interfacing with all leading data collection systems to make it easy to get a Meter Insights report.
Dave's background: B.S. Natural Resources, UC Berkeley; M.S. Architecture Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Employee #2 at Morgan Systems, which later became SRC Systems, which then merged with Silicon Energy, which was then acquired by Itron (whew!). A few of the products and services developed in these various companies include Metrix, MarketManager, and EEM Suite.
You can contact Dave at Or by phone: 510.847.6103.
If you have technical questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or email us at
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