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Smart meters provide interval energy use data on-line to many of your clients now. And often at no cost. makes it easy to add interval data analytics to your toolkit of services.
These analytics can be a "conversation starter" with clients by revealing unexpected insights into their operations (click each to expand):
And if you use interval data in your work now, let extract additional value for your clients from a resource you already have.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
What you get
provides two options for incorporating interval data analytics into your offering.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Report The first is the Meter Insights report, a stand-alone analysis of 3-13 months of historic energy use white labeled with your logo. The report shows your clients how their facilities operate from their meter's perspective, in clear, non-technical language. Click here to see a sample report.
EnergyAi interval meter data feed The second option is a customized "data feed" of detailed results to be imported into your existing analytic tools. This might include hourly end use breakouts, or weather correlation coefficients, or unusual use spikes. The data feeds can be "one time only" or recurring as needed.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Easy, cheap, fast
You don't need any special software or hardware. Just tap the "SIGN-IN/REGISTER" link in the upper left corner of this page, and follow the directions to upload your clients' energy data. The Meter Insights report rebranded with your logo will be emailed to you, usually within 2 hours.
The cost for a report is US$20. And if the report does not provide valuable insights about your clients' energy use, it's free.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Where can I get my meter data?
Your local utility can usually provide this information, but submeters, data recorders, and energy management systems can also be used. If you are a customer of one the following utilities, then you can have them send your meter data directly to . Click on the utility name for details.
Or download your meter data from your utility or in-house system. Here is a list of utilities and other sources which provide this data.
works with meter data in any format, from any source.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Data privacy
Your meter data is sensitive information. It can reveal occupancy patterns and other operational behavior. We NEVER share your data or analysis results with a third party without your EXPLICIT permission. Click here to view our full privacy policy.
You can anonymize the data that you upload to us by removing account numbers, addresses, facility names, etc. The only location information we need are the first 3 characters of your postal or zip code, which we use to select the nearest weather station for our analysis.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Data privacy
You can talk to a real live person at 510-847-6103. We're in California, so Pacific time zone business hours are best. Otherwise leave a message and we'll get back to you asap. Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or email us at
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