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Meter Insights Features
EnergyAi Meter Insights Features
When you first sign up for Meter Insights, we download your electric meter's most recent year of PG&E data. This is your energy use every 15 minutes, so we analyze over 35,000 readings to develop a personalized model for your business, including:
The model has a range in which your energy use is "expected" to be for every hour of the day. We call this the "expected use range". And it is unique to your business, it is not based on typical patterns for similar businesses (as if there is such a thing).
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Meter Insights downloads your latest PG&E data each day, and sends you an email alert when it sees something unusual. Maybe your use was higher than expected between 6am - 9am for the last 3 days in a row, or the daily peak was higher than normal.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Alerts
You're alerted about the timing, cost, and energy impact of unusual events. But sometimes you'll want to see more details. Just tap the "daily profile" graph in the alert. This takes you to the on-line Meter Insights world.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Daily Profile
The daily profile shows the most recent meter data available from PG&E. You can see your actual use (the black line) and your "expected use range" (the gray band). Any periods of higher than expected use are in red (lower than expected are green). Your 24x7 use (from equipment which is always on) is the blue band at the bottom of the profile.
The profile is actually a seven day view, just swipe to the right to view earlier days. If you're viewing this on your computer, click on the daily profile and use the left and right arrow keys to scroll back and forth (or hold down the Shift key and scroll with your mouse wheel).
Other features in the daily profile include:
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Main Menu
The Main Menu is your gateway to all of Meter Insights' on-line features. If you are sharing data for more than one meter, you can select the meter you wish to view at the top of the main menu.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Main Menu
"Latest Daily Profile" takes you back to the daily profiles. "My Energy Drivers" shows you the factors which have the biggest influence on your meter's energy use patterns.
The first driver is "Hours of Operation". analyzes the meter's historic use patterns to identify those hours of the week when your energy use rises and falls. In other words, when does your meter think you are open for business or closed.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Hours of Operation
If your actual operating hours are shorter than this, tap the red "COME IN, WE'RE OPEN" sign to see what you might save in cost, energy, and CO2 by matching your energy use to your actual business hours.
Another driver is "24x7 Equipment" - how much equipment is continuously running, and what is this costing you.
EnergyAi Meter Insights 24x7
Yet another driver is "Weather" - how hot or cold weather affects your energy costs. You might be surprised to learn that your air conditioning kicks in on days when the average temperature is as low as 45°F.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Weather
Back at the Main Menu, "Weekly Performance" shows a week at a glance. You can quickly see any emerging trends which may indicate equipment is getting left on longer than usual, or that maintenance may be required.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Weekly Performance
In the example shown here, equipment normally turned off at 8pm was left on for 3 days in a row, adding over $20 to the electric bill.
Also at the Main Menu, "Monthly Profile" shows your energy profiles for a full month.
EnergyAi Meter Insights Monthly Profile
Your energy use was less than expected on days with a green background, and higher than expected on days with a pink background. Daily use was within the expected range on days with a white background. You can tap on any week to drill down to a more detailed view.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Easy, cheap, fast
You can try Meter Insights for a month at no cost or obligation. If you're a PG&E customer, you already have everything you need, there's nothing to install. Sign up on line (takes 5 minutes) by tapping the "Free Trial" button below. You'll start receiving your insights in just a few hours.
If you wish to continue the service after the trial period, the cost is $5 per meter per month (volume discounts are available). And if you have an promo code (ask your energy contractor) you'll receive additional discounts.
EnergyAi Meter Insights
Any questions?
You can talk to a real live person at 510-847-6103. We're in California, so Pacific time zone business hours are best. Otherwise leave a message and we'll get back to you asap. Or email us at
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